Effects of Climate Change

We are living in a totally different era which is based on the power of information technology. However, despite being so advanced at so many levels we have created a huge impact on the climate we live in. Not only we have cut down a lot of trees which play a vital role in maintaining the climatic conditions but we have also affected the wildlife. There is an impact on the animals living under water. So, the overall balance of the planet earth has been disturbed in the past 150 years.


Effects of Climate Change on Forests

Global warming is a common issue in the modern time. A lot of trees are being cut down to meet the needs of daily lifestyle. However, cutting down these trees means affecting the natural balance of the planet earth. Trees in the forests are extremely important as they inhale the carbon dioxide and give out the oxygen which is a must for the humans and the animals. There is a need to plant more trees in order to keep a balance in the atmosphere. If there is a need to cut down the trees, then double the trees should be planted.


Effects of Climate Change on WildLife


As a result of the climate change, there had been a huge impact on the wildlife. A lot of species of different animals are now being counted as endangered and many have extinct over the years. A rise in the global warming is likely to create a huge impact on the ecosystem and a result there would also be an impact on the wildlife. There is a need to keep a check on the climatic conditions and important measures are to be taken in order to protect the wildlife.


Effects of Climate Change on Water


Over the years, it could be observed that there had been an increase in the floods in different regions of the world. When the air is a lot warmer it can create an impact on the rainfall. Floods can destroy a lot of places within a short amount of time. There is a lot of pollution which has become a major issue as a result of the climate change. Pollution in water has also increased. The river water is utilized by animals and humans for the drinking purposes if it would be heavily polluted then there would be an extreme difficulty for the humans and the animals.


In short, it could be said that effects of climate change could be observed almost everywhere around us. There is a need to take the necessary measures in order to improve the climatic conditions of the planet earth. Earth is our home planet and it is very sacred to us. It is the responsibility of each and every individual breathing in the air of earth to take necessary measures in order to have a well-balanced ecosystem. More trees should be planted, pollution should be minimized, and the wildlife should be taken care of in order to nullify the negative effects of climate change.

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